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Embark on a Botanical Journey with Red Lotus Banana Seeds

Jan 27,2024 | Dailyrosy Garden

Description: The Red Lotus Banana is a spectacle with its upright, red pseudostems, resembling a lotus before the blossoming display. This unique feature, paired with its abundant inflorescence, makes it a striking addition to any landscape. The large, red flowers, blooming throughout the year, release a delightful fragrance, attracting butterflies and bees to the scene.

Growing Conditions:

  • USDA Zones: 7a - 11
  • Sun Exposure: Sun to dappled shade ☀️🌳
  • Watering Frequency: Maintain even moisture, regular watering 💧
  • Resistant to: Deer and rabbit, humidity, heat, and verticillium wilt 🦌🌡️
  • Soil Needs: Well-drained, rich, and average 🏡🌱

Sowing Instructions: To cultivate the Red Lotus Banana, delicately sand the seeds with sandpaper and soak them in lukewarm water for 48 hours. Plant the seeds in a well-draining mix, ensuring constant soil moisture by covering it with plastic foil or glass. Allow the seeds to germinate in a warm indoor spot, near a heater or in sunlight. Germination may take weeks or months, persisting as long as the seeds remain firm.


  • Plant Type: Perennial 🌿
  • Plant Family: Musaceae 🌺
  • Foliage: Semi-evergreen, featuring shades of blue and green 🍃
  • Mature Size: 3 FT - 6 FT wide, 5 FT - 6 FT tall 📏
  • Flowers: Striking red blooms in summer 🌺
  • Uses: Noteworthy big leaves, monocarpic quality, ornamental appeal, suitable for containers, and a tropical ambiance 🌺🍌

Scientific Name: Musella lasiocarpa
Common Name: Red Lotus Banana
Native to: China
Sowing Time: Throughout the year
Difficulty: Intermediate
Minimum Temperature: -5 degrees Celsius

Flower Language: The Red Lotus Banana symbolizes nobility and grace. Its red blooms convey wishes for prosperity and the realization of aspirations. Immerse yourself in a Zen-like atmosphere with the captivating beauty of this red lotus flower.

Cultivate the Elegance: Transform your garden into a sanctuary of elegance and grace with the Red Lotus Banana. Order your seeds here and embark on a journey to cultivate this exceptional and symbolically rich plant. 🌿✨

Each bloom whispers wishes for a prosperous and tranquil life. 🌺🍃