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Amber Waves Coral Bells Seeds

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We have a tendency to look over the shadowy parts of our gardens, but those forgotten corners could really use some attention. You'll find brightening them up makes all the difference, and Amber Waves is one sure-fire way to do that. It doesn't just survive, but actually thrives in shade, where its rich caramel hues are a beacon to passersby to take a second look. The foliage will last year-round, so you don't have to find a host of different plants to take its spot in the off season. In midsummer, you'll find delicate sprays of little white blooms. You can combine Amber Waves with other coral bells, for a colorful patchwork effect. It pairs nicely with hosta or oxalis for a variety of colorful shade foliage, or plant it with astilbe and fern to maximize the lacy look.