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Antirrhinum Purple Twist F1 Seeds

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Half Hardy Perennial (HHP)Half Hardy Perennial (HHP)
Partial ShadePartial Shade
Suitable for ContainersSuitable for Containers
Suitable for Attracting BeesSuitable for Attracting Bees
Suitable For CuttingSuitable For Cutting
         Perfect for Pollination
  • Height: 100cm(40in)
  • Plant Class: Half Hardy Perennial (Treat as HHA)
  • Sow Indoors: January to March
  • Sow Outdoors: May
  • Flowers/Harvest: June to September

    Gorgeous purple spikes flecked and striped with white. Add a fun twist to the annual border with these gorgeous purple spikes flecked and striped with white.

    The long lasting spikes are great for cutting.  Very striking on their own too!

    Sow: indoors thinly from January to March, in trays of seed compost. Just cover the seeds and keep moist. Maintain a gentle warmth, 15-20oC (60-68oF). Germination may be erratic so plant out individual seedlings as they develop 2-4 leaves. Harden off and plant out in May, allowing 8-10in (20-25cm) between plants.

    Flowers: June onwards.

    Tips: Remove dead heads to prolong the flowering season.