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Blue Keyes Tomato Seeds • Dark Anthocyanin Pear Cherry • Open Pollinated • Modern Variety

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• Blues Keyes Tomato Seeds •
(Indeterminate Tomato)

These bowling pin fruits are so dark, they are practically black! The bottom of the fruits will turn a deep ruby and some antho striping that is like a work of art when they are ripe. They are so uniquely colored that they always turn heads, one of only two blue tomato varieties with a pear shape. Blue Keys tastes good too! They are somewhat earthy, acidic with sweet undertones and on the mild side. These are perfect for canning, dehydrating, salads, garnish, fresh salsa and more. These will also grow well in larger containers. Mid season - about 75-85 days to harvest.

Number of Seeds Per Package: 50

• Some History About Blue Keyes Tomatoes •

The latest in the "Michael Keyes " cherry series. Blane Horton has been working on these genetics so it's possible he is more responsible for the variety than the information available online suggests. I received seeds from Marianna's Heirlooms in 2018.

• I use my own photos in all of my ads! I acknowledge the breeding and true origins of all seeds and was one of the first tomato seed sellers on Etsy! •