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Bonsai Rare Color Tulip Seeds #13

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As April comes to a close, Spring is in full swing and one of our favorite flowers is on full display, from Park Avenue partitions to the planting beds of discerning gardeners across the country. The showy beauties of April & May, tulips in all varieties are a constant inspiration and giver of joy to us at MM. They've been employed countless times, at tastemaker's country garden escapes and in a certain movie wedding planner's vision of the perfect entry border "amongst the swans". We hope you enjoy some our favorites below, and look out for them on your next Spring jaunt. 
  • Botanical Name: Tulip
  • Form: Perennial
  • Hardiness Zone: 3-8
  • Flowering Time: Late spring
  • Light Requirements: Full Sun, Partial Shade
  • Flower Form: Feathery looking petals
  • Foliage Type: Gray-green, linear or broadly ovate.
  • Growth Rate: Medium

How to Grow Tulips

With a bit of planning and care you can enjoy a bold, cheerful, long-lasting tulip display each spring. Learn how to grow your own tulips.

Pink Tulips
  • Select a range of early, mid, and late-season tulips.
  • Plant in a sunny location with excellent drainage.
  • Plant seeds in spring for blooms.
  • Prepare the soil.
  • Plant tulips 8 inches deep with the pointy end up.
  • Water tulips thoroughly at the time of planting and again in the spring when they begin to grow.
  • Cut tulips while buds are still tight to enjoy indoors.
  • Keep animals at bay by lining planting holes with chicken wire, erecting a fence, spraying repellent, or planting in pots.

Is there anything more cheerful than a big display of tulips flowering in the spring? After a long winter of cold and snow, the masses of colorful blooms are a sight for sore eyes. These tips and tricks will help you create and enjoy a long-lasting tulip display in your own garden.