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Bumblebee Buffet Wildflower Mix Seeds
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Bumblebee Buffet Wildflower Mix Seeds

Bumblebee Buffet Wildflower Mix Seeds

Transform Your Garden into a Pollinator's Paradise
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Welcome to the Bumblebee Buffet Wildflower Mix, where beauty and ecological importance converge! A pollinator garden is not just a feast for the eyes; it's a vital contribution to our world's ecosystem. Our specially curated mix is designed for your home garden, featuring an array of flowers that beckon bumblebees and various pollinators in droves.

Years of research in our trial gardens have gone into crafting this blend, ensuring it's a haven for not only bumblebees but also other essential pollinators. The mix comprises a harmonious balance of annuals and perennials, showcasing both adaptable native species and a charming assortment of garden flowers. Not only will your garden be visually stunning, but it will also become a sanctuary for our buzzing friends.

Bumblebee Buffet Mixture Includes:

  • Arroyo Lupine
  • Balsam 'Camellia Flowered Mix'
  • Bergamot
  • Blue Sage
  • Dwarf Sulphur Cosmos
  • Gayfeather
  • Lacy Phacelia
  • Purple Coneflower
  • Purple Prairie Clover
  • Rocket Larkspur
  • Rocky Mountain Penstemon
  • Wallflower
  • Spurred Snapdragon
  • Yellow Lupine
  • Zinnia 'Dahlia Flowered Mix'

Product Details: 🌿 Item Form: Packet (1/4 oz.) for convenient and easy planting.

🌼 Bloom Season: Enjoy blooms from early spring to mid-fall, ensuring a prolonged pollinator feast.

🦋 Additional Characteristics: Beloved by butterflies, adored by hummingbirds, and a delight for all flower enthusiasts.

🍃 Foliage Color: Showcases a vibrant medium green foliage that complements the colorful blooms.

☀️ Light Requirements: Flourishes in full sun, soaking up the sun's energy for maximum bloom.

💧 Moisture Requirements: Thrives in moist, well-drained soil, adapting to various soil types.

🌱 Soil Tolerance: Perfect for normal, loamy soil, making it versatile for different garden conditions.

🌸 Uses: Ideal for baskets, beds, borders, containers, cut flower arrangements, ornamental displays, outdoor gardens, and wildflower meadows.

Order Now: Bring the pollinators to your garden and witness nature's dance. Order your Bumblebee Buffet Wildflower Mix today and transform your garden into a pollinator's paradise!

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