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Cherry Sparks Penstemon
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Cherry Sparks Penstemon

Cherry Sparks Penstemon

Experience a Symphony of Vibrant Color and Natural Beaut
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Welcome to Cherry Sparks Penstemon, where nature's most dazzling performers take center stage in your garden! Imagine a landscape adorned with bright red blooms, a visual feast that not only adds vibrant color but also beckons hummingbirds and butterflies to dance through your garden all summer long.

Cherry Sparks is no ordinary penstemon; it's a long-blooming wonder that surpasses its predecessors. With sturdy, upright stems reaching 18-20 inches, these blooms proudly stand tall in borders, cutting gardens, and pollinator beds. Incorporate them into mixed gardens to infuse your landscape with extra color and a profusion of flowers.

This native North American plant is a breeze to cultivate and maintain, making it a perfect addition to your garden. Whether basking in part shade or full sun, Cherry Sparks thrives. It prefers average soil with good drainage, creating an ideal environment for its brilliance to shine. Best suited for Zones 5-9.

Product Details: 🌼 Botanical Name: Penstemon 'Cherry Sparks'

📏 Height: Reaches an elegant 18 - 20 inches, elevating your garden's aesthetic.

📐 Spacing: Recommended spacing of 24 inches ensures each bloom has room to flourish.

🌱 Depth: Plant rootball level with soil surface for optimal growth.

📏 Spread: Expands gracefully to 16 - 18 inches, filling your garden with splashes of red and white.

🌺 Color: Revel in the captivating hues of red and white, a vibrant duet of nature's artistry.

🌱 Size: Available in a 4" pot, ready to enhance your garden.

🌍 Zone: Flourishes in Zones 5-9, adapting to various regions.

🌸 Flower Form: Tubular flowers create a delightful symphony of natural beauty.

🌿 Foliage: Characterized by lance-shaped leaves, adding a touch of elegance to your garden.

Order Now: Create a haven for hummingbirds and butterflies, transforming your garden into a living masterpiece. Order your Cherry Sparks Penstemon today and witness the magic of nature's performers!