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Dara Wildflower Carrot
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Dara Wildflower Carrot

Dara Wildflower Carrot

Discover the Beauty of Height and Grace
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Welcome to Dara's Umbrella Wildflowers, where elegance and nature's charm unite to adorn your landscape! These exquisite wildflowers reach for the sun, growing on stems that can tower up to 3 feet tall when basking in the full sunlight. If your landscape craves a touch of height and grace, look no further.

Clusters of small, delicate flowers not only infuse your surroundings with beauty but also beckon to beneficial insects like lady beetles and lacewings. These garden heroes protect your space from harmful insects like aphids, creating a harmonious balance in your garden.

Dara's magical clusters begin as charming pink buds, unfurling into chaste white blossoms that transition to soft pink and ultimately mature into a deep, rich red. But that's not all—these wildflowers have edible roots when young! Dara also doubles as a stunning bouquet, a thoughtful gift, or a decorative addition to any room throughout the summer, thanks to its long blooming season.

Product Details: 🌼 Botanical Name: Daucus carota 'Dara'

🌞 Season: Suitable for both Spring and Fall planting.

☀️ Sun/Shade: Flourishes in full sun, embracing the warmth and light.

📏 Height: Reaches an impressive 36 inches, adding vertical beauty to your landscape.

🌱 Spacing: Recommended spacing of 12 - 24 inches for optimal growth.

🌍 Zone: Thrives in Zones 3-9, making it adaptable to various regions.

🌷 Color: Witness a stunning transformation from pink buds to chaste white, soft pink, and deep, rich red flowers.

🌿 Foliage: Complemented by lush green foliage, enhancing its natural beauty.

🌱 Soil Preference: Flourishes in well-drained average soil, adapting to different soil conditions.

🌼 Blooms: Delight in early summer, mid-summer, late summer, and throughout the entire summer season.

🌱 Germination: Expect germination within 12 - 16 days.

Days to Maturity: In just 75 days, watch your garden come to life.

🌱 Growth Rate: Moderate growth rate ensures a steady and vibrant display.

🌸 Form: Nature's masterpiece, reminiscent of a wildflower with a touch of carrot charm.

🌼 Flowers: Marvel at umbrella-shaped clusters that evoke a sense of enchantment.

Order Now: Elevate your garden's grace and charm with Dara's Umbrella Wildflowers. Order today and let nature's delicate palette adorn your landscape!

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