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Bonsai Double Lotus Seeds
Bonsai Double Lotus Seeds
Bonsai Double Lotus Seeds
Bonsai Double Lotus Seeds
Bonsai Double Lotus Seeds
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Bonsai Double Lotus Seeds
Bonsai Double Lotus Seeds
Bonsai Double Lotus Seeds
Bonsai Double Lotus Seeds
Bonsai Double Lotus Seeds

🪷Bonsai Double Lotus Seeds-Pure Heart

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Discover Inner Peace with our Premium Bonsai Lotus Flower Seeds - Symbol of Tranquility and Beauty🎉

If solitude feels mundane, concentration eludes you, or restless nights are a norm, consider introducing the Double Lotus to your haven. This botanical companion not only purifies the air but also bestows tranquility. Versatile enough to thrive in any container, let the Double Lotus redefine your room as a sanctuary of serenity.

🌟Key Features:

🪷Double Lotus Blooms: A rare variety – two layers of vibrant blooms from a single seed, creating a dreamlike ambiance.

🪷Enchanting Hues: Diverse petal colors ranging from pure white to deep pink, intertwining to create a captivating spectacle.

🪷Easy Maintenance: Suitable for beginners, simple care methods ensure you effortlessly cultivate your own floral haven.

🪷Irresistible Fragrance: A delightful aroma that captivates your senses. Renowned for its ability to absorb harmful pollutants, it's nature's own air purifier.

🪷Extended Bloom Time: Experience the beauty for an extended period. With a single cultivation, enjoy a continuous bloom lasting up to 200 days.

🪷Symbol of Peace & Eternity:The Lotus flower stands as a timeless symbol of peace and eternity, often revered under the feet of deities. Its purity emanates from its unique growth journey, rooting in mud and gracefully emerging through water to bloom.

🪷Gorgeous Flower with a Unique Life Cycle:Witness the enchanting beauty of the Lotus flower, a colorful bloom with a life cycle unlike any other. Starting as a bud underwater in murky ponds, it fearlessly grows amidst its dirty environment until it emerges as a stunning, blooming flower.

🌱Sow the Seeds of Tranquility

Embark on the journey of growing your own Lotus flowers with ease. Lotus seeds, resilient and adaptable, can be sown throughout the year as long as the water temperature is above 12 ℃. Experience the transformative journey from sowing to flowering in just 50 to 80 days, depending on the season.



  • Seed treatment: Lotus seed shell is hard and dense, must be manually scraped before soaking. Be careful not to hurt the embryo.
  • Important: Use sandpaper or a sharp cutter to cut the seeds open as shown below before sowing/immersing in water.





  • Seeds: Lotus Flowers 10/20/50 Pcs
  • 1 set of Premium Bonsai Lotus Flower Seeds

Our Guarantee: A Risk-Free Journey

We are confident that our Premium Bonsai Lotus Flower Seeds are among the most innovative products in the world. To ensure your satisfaction, we offer a risk-free 90-day guarantee. If, for any reason, your experience is not positive, we are committed to making it right. Your happiness and tranquility are our top priorities.

Embark on this journey of spiritual growth and natural beauty. Create a haven of peace with your own blooming Lotus flowers. For any assistance, our 24/7/365 Ticket and Email Support are always here for you.

Order Now and Cultivate Your Spiritual Oasis with Premium Bonsai Lotus Flower Seeds!