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Flying Duck Orchid-Rare flower seed

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Morphological characteristics:

Australian specialty, raw orchid, Calena (Caleana), the side of its flower resembles a little duck flying in the sky, very vivid, so it is called Flying Duck Orchid. Since the continent of Australia was separated from the American continent 600 million years ago, the ecosystem here has gradually become unique. When it comes to Australia, many people think of koalas and platypuses in their hearts, but in the hearts of lovers, It is an orchid unique to Australia. Australia is not only a duck-billed platypus but also a duck-like orchid. Orchid Flying Duck Orchid, scientific name Caleana major (Kalina Orchid). The Chinese name is translated from the English name "flying duck orchid". So it is very popular, but it is rare in Australia.

Growing environment:
In the shade, there is a little sunlight, the soil is soft, and the roots are well stretched. Therefore, it is best to cultivate in a shaded environment. The humidity in the air is high, and the cultivation material should be soft and watery. The flying duck orchid likes to grow in a warm, ventilated and well-lit place, but the growth progress is very slow. The seedlings cultivated in test tubes need more than 3 and a half years to bloom.

Mainly chemical fertilizers and trace elements, human or animal manure or solid organic fertilizer cannot be applied. At the same time, two thousandths of potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution should be sprayed two or three times a month as an extra-root fertilizer to promote its strong growth.

Planting temperature:
The temperature ranges from 62.6 ° F to 82.4 ° F, and at night from 51.8 ° F to 68 ° F, which is the most suitable for growth. If it falls to 41 ° F to 46 ° F in winter, it can withstand it. And it has strong drought resistance, even if it is dripped and not watered within 30 days, it will not die.Remember, if too much water will cause rotten roots.