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French Mallow Seeds (Malva sylvestris)

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Harvested from the gardens at Monticello.
When Thomas Jefferson noted "French mallow" on an 1806 list of flowers, he was probably referring to Malva sylvestris, a European and Asian native with handsome, hollyhock-like, purplish-pink flowers. The perennial French Mallow is similar in appearance to its more familiar mallow cousin, the hollyhock.  Another common name is 'Cheeses Mallow', a reference to the shape of the seed clusters. Jefferson-documented: This plant was documented by Thomas Jefferson in his Garden Book, Notes on the State of Virginia, or other writings.

Sow seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost date at 70 degrees F. Transplant to 3" pots once they have several true leaves, then harden off and transplant outdoors after last frost. As flowers fade, the French Mallow may be cut to its basal leaves for repeat flowering in the fall. Approximately 50/100 seeds per packet.


 Exposure   Planting Method   Planting Depth   Days to Emerge   Plant Spacing   Size at Maturity   Zones 
Full Sun to Part Shade Transplant Surface Sow 7-14 2' apart 3-4'H 4-8