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Hollyhock Henry The Eighth Black Flower
Hollyhock Henry The Eighth Black Flower
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Hollyhock Henry The Eighth Black Flower
Hollyhock Henry The Eighth Black Flower

Hollyhock Henry The Eighth Black Flower

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🌺 Introducing Hollyhock 'Henry The Eighth Black' Flower 🌺

Common Name: Hollyhock Henry The Eighth Black 

Scientific Name: Alcea rosea 

Life Cycle: Perennial

Remarks: Stunning Single Black flowers on upright flower spikes. 

Plant Height: 250cm

When: Late Summer + Autumn 

Sowing Depth + Method: 6mm, raise seedlings

Spacing: 35cm

Position: Full Sun

Days until germination: 10-14 days @ 18-28°C

Number of Seeds: 30


Step into a realm of dramatic elegance with the captivating allure of Hollyhock 'Henry The Eighth Black'. 🏰🖤

👑 Regal Beauty: Immerse yourself in the majestic charm of 'Henry The Eighth Black' Hollyhock. Its deep, velvety-black petals exude a royal aura that transforms your garden into a regal sanctuary.

🌱 Easy-Care Grandeur: Embrace the grandeur without the hassle. 'Henry The Eighth Black' thrives with minimal care, making it the perfect choice for both seasoned gardeners and those new to the art.

🌼 Continuous Blooms: Watch as the 'Henry The Eighth Black' Hollyhock blooms generously, gracing your landscape with its velvety flowers throughout the growing season, like jewels adorning a crown.

🦋 Butterfly Ballet: Invite a fluttering ballet of butterflies with the nectar-rich 'Henry The Eighth Black'. Witness the enchanting dance of these delicate creatures as they visit your garden's royal court.

🏡 Stately Presence: Make a statement in your garden with the stately presence of 'Henry The Eighth Black' Hollyhock. Its towering stature and dark blossoms create a captivating focal point.

🌿 Low-Maintenance Majesty: Revel in the majesty of 'Henry The Eighth Black' Hollyhock's low maintenance requirements. Spend more time enjoying its grand beauty and less time worrying about upkeep.

🖤 Garden's Aristocrat: Allow your garden to embrace the aristocratic elegance of 'Henry The Eighth Black'. It's not just a flower; it's a symbol of sophistication and refined taste.

🌷 Limited Nobility: Secure your garden's place in history with 'Henry The Eighth Black'. This rare treasure brings a touch of timeless nobility and intrigue to your outdoor realm.

Experience the grace and grandeur of Hollyhock 'Henry The Eighth Black' – where your garden's nobility awaits. 👑🌺