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Magic Carpet Seed Mix
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Magic Carpet Seed Mix

Magic Carpet Seed Mix

Create a Pollinator Paradise with Low-Growing Annuals
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Welcome to our Magic Carpet Seed Mix, where a vibrant carpet of color awaits your garden! This magical blend of low-growing annuals is designed to enchant your senses with continuous blooms throughout the summer. Not only do these blooms add a burst of color, but they also invite pollinators to dance in your garden. Versatile and adaptable, this mix is perfect for flower beds, borders, and even containers. Plus, here's some good news—deer tend to steer clear of these beauties!

Key Features: 🌱 Mix of Low-Growing Annuals: Transform your garden into a colorful masterpiece with these low-profile wonders.

🌞 Blooms Throughout the Summer: Enjoy a vibrant display from spring to fall, making every day feel like a garden party.

🦋 Attracts Pollinators: Bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds can't resist the allure of these blossoms.

🌿 Container-Friendly: Perfect for smaller spaces, patios, and balconies—grow them in containers for a burst of color anywhere.

🦌 Deer Tend to Avoid: Say goodbye to deer feasting on your garden; this mix keeps them at bay.

Description: Our Magic Carpet Seed Mix is a living tapestry of colors and forms, featuring Dwarf Dianthus, Tidy Tips, Ageratum, Dwarf Snapdragon, Baby Blue Eyes, and more! These delightful plants will burst into various shades and shapes throughout the summer, creating a dazzling display. Not only will you be treated to a visual spectacle, but pollinators will also make your garden their favorite hangout.

Ideal for smaller flower beds, borders, and container gardens, this mix offers versatility like no other. Simply direct sow the seeds after the last spring frost for a magical transformation. And the best part? Deer tend to give these beauties a pass!

Order Now: Create your very own Magic Carpet of blooms and invite nature's pollinators to join the party. Order your Magic Carpet Seed Mix today and watch your garden come alive!

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