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Pea Karina Organic

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This dwarf shell pea is 24-30” in height. An early maturing variety, 4-6” pods offer 6-8 peas when shelled. Sweet and juicy with good heat tolerance. Great for containers.

In early to mid-spring, plant peas in full sun in well-worked, fertile soil. Sow seeds 1 inch deep and 3 to 4 inches apart in wide rows or bands 3 inches across, spacing the rows 2 feet apart. Provide supports for these climbing 5-6 foot vines at planting time. Protect from marauding birds with netting or floating row covers if necessary. Cold and wet early spring weather may affect germination, so if first sowing doesn’t germinate evenly, replant right away as new seedlings catch up quickly. Sow again for a fall crop about 2½ months before first expected fall frost.

These are hypertendril peas, meaning that the vines will produce long twirling tendrils in place of some leaves. This trait helps increase air flow so there is less disease potential. Use netting or wire trellis to support these heavy bearing tall vines for easy picking. Keep pea vines well weeded and watered and mulch to conserve moisture. Water at the base of the plants to avoid mildew.

Harvest only when peas are mature and round in the thick walled, juicy pods for the best developed flavor. Savor their sweet crunch fresh from the garden (kids especially love them!) as a snack or slice into salads. Pick pods regularly and you’ll have longer production of new ones. To cook quickly, pull strings from pods and sauté in a little oil just until pods turn a deeper green color.、

Seeding depth: 1 - 1.5 inches
Germination days: 6 - 12 days
Maturation days: 50 days