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Pink Monkey Face Orchid Seeds
Pink Monkey Face Orchid Seeds
Pink Monkey Face Orchid Seeds
Pink Monkey Face Orchid Seeds
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Pink Monkey Face Orchid Seeds
Pink Monkey Face Orchid Seeds
Pink Monkey Face Orchid Seeds
Pink Monkey Face Orchid Seeds

Pink Monkey Face Orchid Seeds

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🌿 Introduction:
Pink Monkey Face Orchid belongs to the orchid family, scientifically known as Dracula simia (Luer) Luer. It is a small epiphytic orchid, growing to approximately 40 cm in height. The plant has a robust stem, alternate lanceolate leaves, and unique features including two long spurs and two elongated sepals. The flowers, reminiscent of a monkey's face, emit a fragrance similar to ripe oranges.

🌍 Natural Habitat:
The Pink Monkey Face Orchid is primarily found in the misty forests of southeastern Ecuador and Peru. While it naturally thrives in these regions, it can also be cultivated with care and attention.

🌸 Blooming Season:
Known for its ability to bloom in any season, the Pink Monkey Face Orchid offers a relatively short flowering period, typically lasting 5-7 days per individual flower. After blossoming, it is advisable to trim the flower stalk from the base to encourage new shoot growth.

📌 Cultivation Tips:

Pink Monkey Face Orchids prefer a slightly acidic substrate with good aeration and drainage. A suitable orchid mix can be used, ensuring a layer of coarse substrate or clay pebbles at the bottom for efficient water drainage. Additionally, a thin layer of about 1-2 cm of substrate is added on top after placing the plant to prevent root burn.

During late autumn, winter, and early spring, direct sunlight exposure is beneficial for photosynthesis, flower bud formation, and overall plant health. In hot temperatures or during summer, it is recommended to provide shade, blocking approximately 50% of the sunlight.

While the natural habitat of the Pink Monkey Face Orchid is relatively dry, maintaining a humidity level between 50%-75% is ideal. In summer, adequate ventilation is essential to prevent diseases. Watering frequency depends on the substrate; for instance, using moss requires less water, and it is advisable to water when the substrate is 70% dry.

Pink Monkey Face Orchids have a low fertilizer requirement. Using a fertilizer solution with a concentration of 3000 times diluted is suitable. During the growing season from May to October, fertilize every two weeks. It is recommended to apply liquid fertilizer to the root zone and spray the leaves. During the flowering period, weekly foliar spraying of orchid-specific flower fertilizer and phosphorus-potassium fertilizer is beneficial.

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