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Southeast Wildflower Extravaganza: A Burst of 26 Wildflowers
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Southeast Wildflower Extravaganza: A Burst of 26 Wildflowers

Southeast Wildflower Extravaganza: A Burst of 26 Wildflowers

Nature's Colorful Canvas Unfolds in Your Southeast Garden
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Welcome to our Southeast Wildflower Extravaganza, where nature's brilliance comes to life! This exquisite mix features an astounding 26 different wildflowers that have proven to be favorites in the Southeastern US. Your garden will burst into color quickly, thanks to 15 annual species, followed by 11 perennial varieties that promise continuous blooms in the second and subsequent seasons. And here's a secret: this mix thrives when planted in the fall. Whether you're a wildflower enthusiast or a first-time wildflower gardener, this mix is perfect for you!

Key Features: 🌱 Seed Life Cycle: A perfect blend of annuals and perennials ensures a kaleidoscope of colors year after year.

🌍 Growing Zones: Ideal for Zones 7 through 10, tailored to the Southeast's unique climate.

🌞 Light Requirements: Flourishes in full sun, creating a vibrant spectacle in your garden.

🌼 Advantages: Enjoy extended bloom times, ease of cultivation, low maintenance, and the perfect choice for cut flower arrangements.

Description: Our Southeast Wildflower Extravaganza showcases 26 captivating wildflowers, including:

  • Wallflower
    Lance-Leaf Coreopsis
    Plains Coreopsis
    Wild Cosmos
    Sweet William
    Purple Coneflower
    Globe Gilia
    Baby's Breath
    Rose Mallow
    Blazing Star
    Scarlet Flax
    Blue Flax
    Sweet Alyssum
    Wild Lupine
    Evening Primrose
    Clasping Coneflower
    Black-eyed Susan
    Gloriosa Daisy
    Scarlet Sage

Witness the Southeast's natural beauty unfold in your garden, as these wildflowers paint a stunning portrait of color.

Order Now: Embrace the vibrant charm of Southeastern wildflowers. Order your Southeast Wildflower Extravaganza today and let nature's masterpiece bloom!

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