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Sunflower Bonsai Flowering Machine, Glorious Years

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Plant name: Super Sunflower Glory Years, a pot of flowers can bloom 1000 flowers, perennial plants, can be built by hitting the top to achieve the effect of bursting pots, only not below zero weather, winter can bloom. This flower comes with a sense of hierarchy, planting a piece is also very beautiful.
Maintenance tips.

1. light: like the sun, full sun, at least to ensure that more than 4 hours of sunlight per day.
2. Fertilizer: you can use fermented sheep manure and Osmocote slow release as a base fertilizer when planting.
3. Watering: Water thoroughly when the soil is about to dry, usually about once a day, and not if the soil is wet, but twice a day when the sun is high.

Tips: For good flowering, replace the large pot in time after the root system is full; fertilize regularly; Gloriosa does not like high temperature and high humidity environment, do not overwater in summer, and need indoor wintering below 41.00℉.