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Rare Gladioli

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Discover the Elegance of Rare Gladioli

Welcome to a world of botanical rarity and sophistication. Our Rare Gladioli collection unveils nature's hidden treasures, showcasing exquisite gladiolus varieties that are as unique as they are captivating.

🌸 Unearth the Uncommon: Dive into the extraordinary with gladiolus varieties rarely found in gardens. These gems are a testament to the wonder of nature's diversity.

🎨 Vibrant and Striking: Each rare gladiolus bloom boasts vibrant colors and distinctive patterns that are sure to make your garden stand out. It's a visual spectacle like no other.

🌿 Cultivate the Unusual: Elevate your gardening experience by nurturing these uncommon gladioli. Their care might be special, but the rewards are truly extraordinary.

🌞 Thriving in Unison: Despite their rarity, these gladiolus varieties are resilient and bloom in harmony with their more common counterparts. A true testament to their adaptability.

🌻 Collectors' Delight: For plant enthusiasts and collectors, our Rare Gladioli offer a chance to add something truly exceptional to your botanical repertoire.

🎁 The Perfect Gift: Surprise a gardening enthusiast or nature lover with the gift of these unique gladiolus bulbs. It's a gift that embodies the beauty of the uncommon.

How to grow gladioli

Grow gladioli in moist but well-drained soil in full sun. Divide congested clumps every few years.

Where to plant gladioli bulbs

Gladioli originate from hot, dry climates, in South Africa or Mediterranean countries. So they require good drainage and plenty of sun. For best results grow in moist, but well-drained soil, in full sun.

When to plant gladioli bulbs

Plant gladioli bulbs in spring, there's no need to soak them beforehand. You can plant in pots from March as long as you keep them in a frost-free spot such as a greenhouse, or directly into the ground from May. The latest you can plant gladioli bulbs is July – any later than that and they won't flower in time before the frosts come. If you're planning to use them for successional colour, plant a handful a week or so apart from March onwards, to extend the display. Those planted in pots can simply be plunged into borders as they come into flower.

Plant 15 deep in moist but well-drained soil. On heavier soils, add a generous handful of horticultural grit to the planting hole, to aid drainage.

How to care for gladioli

Water well during the growing season and stake plants before the flower spike emerges. While in flower, give your gladioli tomatofeed or comfrey feed every couple of weeks. For tender varieties, and in colder parts of the country, lift the corms each autumn and overwinter them in frost-free conditions. For hardier varieties, cover with a thick mulch in autumn to protect from cold snaps. Divide congested clumps every few years.

Embark on a journey of horticultural rarity with our Rare Gladioli collection. Order now and be among the select few to cultivate these extraordinary blooms, turning your garden into a gallery of nature's finest masterpieces.