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Fuchsia Hybrida Voss Seeds The fairy flower

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Quatity: 50 Pcs

Germination time : 5-7 Days
Germination temperature : 19-23℃
Applications : Farm, Balcony, Roof, Garden, Patio, etc.

Packing Includes: 
30Pcs Fuchsia Hybrida Voss Seeds

How To Grow:

Cool and humid environment, afraid of high temperature and light, to fertile, loose slightly acidic soil is appropriate
Flowering from April to December
Summer requires dry, cool and semi-yin condition, and maintain a certain air humidity. Summer temperature of 30 ℃ when the growth is extremely slow, 35 ℃ when a large number of withered death. Winter temperature is not low at 5 ℃, weak below 5 ℃, are susceptible to frost damage